Architecture in Motion (AIM) is a new and innovative program which offers a unique experience of the Making and Meaning between a diverse group of individuals and dimensions. The program is open to architects, artists, and designers—both aspiring and established—from all walks of life. Enrollment is offered to students in  pre-college, college, or post-college.

The aspiration is to simultaneously create individual and collective works informed by the backgrounds of those involved. Recognizing the need for today's leading voices to be literate in multiple mediums of spatial making and visual communication, the program offers a place for new ideas and people to come together to build new forms of knowledge. You will gain deep insight into ways of creating space and thought while also participating in a cutting edge experiment in education. Thinking across disciplines and professional boundaries, this program paves a new path for thinking about architecture at the outset of the 21st century. 

Lastly, how can we treat a subject that is not best served by a classical progression of arguments? Multiple case lectures, many ideas, and a profusion of topics are a part of the story and their organization—a cross-referencing index of ideas will be central to this workshop. In this way, the course is a high-endurance compendium, but also a trigger for new work and research.

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