Mercedes Kraus puts the world back out in front of me.
Benjamin Riley shows you what you walked by.
Tess Dworman will move your feet.
Carrie Cook shows you a new way of looking.
Aminatou Sow is the Internet IRL.
Ann Friedman makes everyone look lazy.
Christoph a. Kumpusch is the future stuck in the present.
Indiana Morales is a force of nature.
Chappell Ellison will help your design live its best life.
Mike Tingen appreciates precision.
Christie Young provides pleasure.
Christof Lang will make your project look amazing.
William Orlando will provide the vibes.
Youmna Chlala exists in every time zone.
Luke Carrell will play your songs.
Tim Hodgin will lend you his ear and a book or two.
Willie Wood will convince you his middle name is "Billy."
Adam Orlinski is enthusiasm in human form.
Anthony Titus is the future of art.
Dr. Mark Morris makes every sentence count. 
Nick Karytinos makes every space unique.
Alex Dupree puts the words in your mouth.
Janine Biunno gets shit done.
Eric Uhlir is your brand's QB. 
Phoebe Connelly makes reading books trend. 
Eddy Walsh shows you a Long Island you've never seen.